Wrongfully sent to collections for a 5g trial router that I returned.
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I tried out 5g internet and ultimately decided I didn’t want to go through with signing up, since I found a cheaper internet plan with T-mobile. I received the return box and the merchandise in question was delivered to a place in Fort Worth, TX on 1/30/2023 (I have UPS proof of delivery). 

However, I kept receiving calls to return the merchandise or else I will be charged. I spoke with a representative who confirmed that the item was received and not to worry about it. I thought the matter was resolved, but come to find out a few days ago that this balance was wrongfully sent to collections even though I returned the item.


 I was able to talk to a representative who was very helpful and submitted a ticket to get the balance off my account and update it to say that the item was received. I don’t remember her name, but I’m so thankful for her help. 

I need this collection removed from my credit report since it has negatively impacted my credit. This should have never been sent to collections in the first place and now I’m dealing with tremendous anxiety because of this error. Please help me to remove the wrongful collection. Thank you.

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Hello, Jperry750, thank you for reaching out regarding your 5G Home Internet service. I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out for you and that there was an issue with a balance on your account. I understand this has impacted your credit report and this now needs to be corrected. I will be reaching out via Private Note so we can best assist.