19130 5G connecting without service.
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Hi, two separate but important items. I am one mile outside of Philadelphia and when they switched on the 5G network. My phone connects to it then gets no service. Confirmed with wife and several neighbors. When I called it took 20 minutes with a baffled representative to report the outage. Very confused why Verizon isn't prepared to intake this feedback. I have a Pixel 6 I can move to 4G but have noticed deteriorating service in Jenkintown, Glenside and parts of Jenkintown. My parents have been customers for 40 years and I have been for 15. We pay double or triple competitors and don't expect problems like this to just go along unidentified and unaddressed. Please flag this to the appropriate person. 

Let me know if there is a key phrase I can use with the reps or anything unique with the Pixel 6. I don't care that 5G isn't available, it should just automatically switch to 4G instead.