4/G 5/G service South Florida terrible!
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I have been a LONG time Verizon customer. I am sad to say, finding out the hard way, that the "5G" coverage in my area is laughable and unstable.

I decided it was time to purchase a new phone as I was still using my Galaxy S-7 (4G) and was hearing how great 5G is. I went to the Verizon store and purchased a Galaxy S21 5G. Almost immediately I started having connection issues. This went on for a few weeks. Tech support tried helping on their end but to no avail. (I called 3 different times). I returned the S21 and purchased the Galaxy S20FE 5G thinking maybe it was the phone itself. Nope, same problems. After all of this, I received a bill in the amount of $206.39 for a phone/service I could not use. I am now in the process of considering another service provider. If anyone can recommend another provider, please let me know!