4G LTE overriding 5G UW signal - How do I resolve?
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I live in an area where one of the towers was just upgraded to 5G UW. The problem is that there is another tower that is almost the same distance away and only 25-30 degrees off in direction that hasn’t been upgraded.

I have a Weboost and pointed it to the 5G tower, but I suspect it’s receiving a strong enough signal from the other tower from a reception pattern side lobe. When I’m outside, I have a 5G signal. When I go in the house and stand in front of the Weboost transmitter, it will stay 5G for a time but then eventually fall back to 4G.

I have Verizon’s cellular home internet. They are being ornery and won’t swap my 4G router for a 5G router. They said they do not have the capacity yet even though I have a four bar 5G UW signal standing in front of my Weboost momentarily. As an alternate, I want to hotspot my streaming sticks off my phone and get the benefits of the better speed.


So, how do outsmart Verizon and turn off 4G for good? I already went into the settings and the cellular data options and selected “5G On”, but it still eventually falls back to 4G.


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Re: 4G LTE overriding 5G UW signal - How do I resolve?
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I don't work for Verizon or any other carrier, but if they are telling you they "don't have the capacity" for your home internet service, then my guess is they want to prioritize the 5G service for phones at least for the time being.  The competition does the same where phone traffic is prioritized over the home internet customers.

I'm not a Verizon employee, just another customer trying to help.