5G Home Internet Router Replacement Problems
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Hi All,

I have been having problems with my 5G Home Internet service dropping my connection numerous times during the day.   I had contacted Verizon a couple of weeks ago (12/6) as my internet connection kept dropping. The technician did some troubleshooting and determined that my router's antennae had a problem. He was supposed to send a new router to replace the bad one.

Did not receive it and I called back on 12/30/22. Apparently, our tower is out of capacity and the system would not allow a replacement router as it thought it was for new service and not a replacement.  The customer rep said they were working on a work around to send me a new router and would call me back.  The representative gave me a phone number to text her for a status, but I tried at least 6 times and no reply.

Called back on 1/5/23.  The customer rep told me they couldn't replace my home internet router as it has gone out of warranty. I didn't buy the router as it was provided as part of the service, so the warranty means nothing to me. Verizon offered me a service and provided me a router as part of that service. The router is not functioning correctly and I need a replacement router. The warranty would only matter if I had purchased it which I did not. It was part of the service Verizon signed me up for. I do not own the router.  Are new routers being sent out? If so, why can't my router be replaced since it is not new service??

The Verizon rep tried to get me to move to a Jet Pack which is what I had moved off of to get the Home Internet service Verizon offered me.  The Jet Packs are less reliable than Home Internet, so I don't want to go back to them.  Other service providers like DirecTV will send you replacement equipment when the original equipment fails or has problems.  Why can't Verizon do this?  I should not have to drop my service because my router has issues.  If everyone that has a 1 year+ old router just out of luck when they have problems and have to drop their Home Internet service?

I'm very disappointed that a well-know service provider like Verizon can't provide a replacement Home Internet router when it has problem.  Can someone from Verizon please help me with this issue?  I'm a long-time customer and really need my Home Internet working.

Thanks - Frank

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Re: 5G Home Internet Router Replacement Problems
Customer Service Rep

Hello Frank and thank you for the many details. We do know how essential it is to have a solid internet connection. As for replacement we do need to have you and access the account with you. If necessary we can send a new unit too.  Please send us a direct message or call us once more. 

- Jose