5G Home Unlimited Houston
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I just signed up for the 5G Home Unlimited plan in Houston. They gave me three months for free and a couple other toys for being an early adapter. The service is fantastic and I love it. I also changed my cellular plan to Verizon at the same time.

What I am curious about is if the 5G Home speed/unlimited will continue after the three months is over. I know that I will have a choise of 70/month to keep the service if I do not have Verizon for cellular service or 50/month to keep the 5G Home service if I stay with Verizon for my cellular service as well. Eithe price 50 or 70 per month, will that keep me in the 5G world with unlimited access?



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If you are talking about Data Cap. I don't see there is any.

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5G home internet DO NOT GET IT PLEASE, it is trash decent for 2 months then just slow. My phone is faster without the wifi. My tv has trouble connecting to YouTube I wish I would of stayed with my old provider but chose to leave them because Verizon offered 3 free months. Can't wait to leave