5G Phones and WiFi Issues
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Is anyone else having issues with their 5G phones and WiFi issues? We have two new 5G phones, an iPhone 13 and a Google Pixel 6. We also have two older 4G Android phones. It has already been established with Verizon tier 2 tech support that we live in an area with a very poor cell signal. Consequently, we have to use our home WiFi. (We have very good high-speed fiber service at home.)

The two 5G phones consistently disconnect from WiFi calling. We don't realize they are disconnected until we try to make a call or see that we've missed a call. We have to restart WiFi in the phone settings in order to get it to work again. Also, neither 5G phones can send photos, GIFs or videos via MMS. According to the Verizon tech, this is because a data connection is needed to send these MMS messages, not WiFi. Apparently there is no workaround for this issue.

As for the older 4G phones, neither have any of these issues. Both maintain their WiFi calling connection and are able to send MMS messages.

What the heck is the deal with these "fancy" 5G phones?