5G UW Slow in 92649

5G UW on my new iPhone 14 Pro is anywhere between 2 and 22 Mbps at home. I checked inside and outside.  No difference.

This makes getting Verizon Home internet a no go... I was getting around 1.7 to 5 Mbps on the home internet device no matter where I put it.

At work in Fullerton, 92833 - my iPhone gets between 220 and 480 Mbps indoors. This is what I want to see everywhere I go!

What's the deal Verizon? When will I get a speed increase at home so I can switch to Verizon home internet?

The whole point of switching from 4G to 5G was to get more bandwidth so I can hotspot my son's ipad all over orange county or the TV in my boat in the harbor. I will try a speed test in the harbor tomorrow. 

Thank goodness I have Fiber wifi at home... but really need 5G UW to be ripping all over SoCal.  When will this be a reality??? Kinda makes switching from 4G to 5G a waste of time and $$.

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Re: 5G UW Slow in 92649
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