5G coverage in Centennial and Parker Colorado.

According to the map I should have 5G service at my house. but I want to know if that is true as of now or is that what will be in the future.

I have a Galaxy S10 4G that gets about five down and virtually nothing up. I also get about one or two bars of service only.

thinking of investing in a S21 ultra at some point this year. Would that increase my signal strength and speeds? Just not sure how accurate and trustworthy that 5G map actually is.

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I'm just south of you, and for what it's worth the coverage map is pretty accurate in colorado springs.  I can't say that Verizon dss 5g is going to be any faster than 4g lte and my be slower.  If you show 5g uwb coverage in your neighborhood then you can expect speeds like this, but I swear wifi can reach further than 5g uwb, and unless you see a white circular antenna on top of a city light pole no more than 400ft from your house / work / ect you won't get uwb.