5G home internet has slowed
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When we first got the 5G home internet, we were promised speed of 85-300mbps, and received about 150-180.  That lasted for five months, and the past 45 days we have been lucky to get 50 but mostly it has been in the 7-30mbps range.  We have changed nothing in the system, the device location has stayed the same, the Deco mesh system has stayed the same, and the orientation of the unit has stayed the same.  Verizon sent me a replacement 5G box but it didn't change the service, we are still under 30mbps most of the time.  They sent me the ASK box so I can't get an external antenna.  I also can't get the VR tower finder on my phone, but the service tech said I had a tower due South of me and that is the window it is next to so I should have good line of sight.

Has anyone had this issue and found a way to resolve slow internet?  

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Re: 5G home internet has slowed

Did this ever get resolved for you? I'm looking into switching to 5G Home, and am curious how well issues such as yours have been addressed.