5G service terrible
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  • Ive been with verizon forever. Ever since verizon switch to 5G the service is horrible. Internet is spotty, calls dont go through, not recieving calls, miss calls but it never rang. Ive took the phone in and did all the over the phone walk around support. I spent over 1500 dollars to be with the latest and greatest tech phone, along with the wife another 1300 and im telling ya im really about to switch services. Also the s21 is super cheaply built. Dont recommend at all. Verizon used to be top of there game but ive seen basic providers working so much better at half the cost. I never leave comments but your about a 2 star these days. 
Re: 5G service terrible
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My wife got an iPhone 12 and got on 5G she has terrible data and call coverage here in southeast, Florida.  I looked up this issue online in apple forums and one responder complained directly to Tim Cook, who had it investigated and called Verizon to tell them that their network was grossly misconfigured.  The problem went away pretty quickly after that. I'm guessing we're seeing the same problem here.