5GUW not working

Nashville area/West. Since approx Jan 26 2022. Verizon sent us the notification of 5GUW roll out on our account with auto enrollment and we have had issues with all 4 of our phones on our plan (2 Samsung 21's & 2 Iphone 13's). I spent 4 hrs + on the phone with support, resetting, rebooting, etc and then went to a Verizon store and had 2 new SIM cards put in both of our Samsung 21 phones and we are still losing connectivity, no internet, intermittent phone calls and texts. It occurs as soon as we leave our house and are off our WIFI but we were also having issues in the house so we will see about that... At times the 5GUW will work when we are in a good area?  I think it is a tower issue? Supposedly the Verizon support gentleman put in a tower check ticket but said I will hear nothing about the results. It is very frustrating! My husband uses his phone exclusively for work from home (no landline) and this is unacceptable that he is not able to get/make phone calls or receive text messages dependably that he needs for work! Not to mention everything else we have switched to phones for on a daily basis that we rely on to function (sad fact) but that we are paying a hefty sum for faithfully every month...

Re: 5GUW not working
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I have the same issue with my S22 Ultra. I'm about over it and ready to dump Verizon. I'm tired of carrying a $1200 brick around. I'm tired of constantly rebooting, or turning airplane mode off and on for 3 minutes of usable service before I have to do it again. Works just fine in 4G and regular 5G. Unfortunately, I'm in 5GUW 99% of the time and Verizon's 5GUW is absolute trash.