5g and cell network bandwidth
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We hear a lot about 5g which doesn't exist in Many areas near me. Flat out 5g isn't working. data is slow.  plans I'm buying are advertised for 5g offer 4g plans for locations 5g doesn't work yet. Verizon has approximately 4 different 5g plans anyone who doesn't pay for the most expensive plan experiences slow terrible surf and stream speeds supposedly when there's high traffic on the towers which is almost all the time.  Verizon tells it's custumers that your speeds might be slowed down. That's so they can allow higher paying customers to get bandwidth priority. Which in one hand makes sense but also like their punishing their lower paying customers because they can't produce the bandwidth in certain areas even though your still paying for 5g supposed to be fast but is very slow and is not even 5g . Verizon you should do better for all the money your getting from all these customers. Average of at least $200per month per family if I had to guess .

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Re: 5g and cell network bandwidth
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