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OK I travel all of the lower 48 states and most of Canada 250 to 300 days a year. I've paid a premium for Verizon because I've wanted my phone to work when needed. I do not like using wifi but lately this 5g UNSATISFACTORY service I've got just doesn't do it I want my old 4g back before Verizon started throttling it back to force people to the next best thing or at least that's what the Verizon execs. Thought it was. I was in Houston this past weekend and had 4 bars on the 5g network and I could not get the internet to load at restart my phone nothing s22 ultra I'm so over my service sucking I'm looking at other networks to possibly find a better thing. 

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I contacted Verizon support about my constant inability to even use my phone, in cities across the US.  I had literal proof they were specifically throttling my phone.  (Had two other Verizon phones in hand - not as new or updated as my own - and they could stream Netflix, Spotify, Waze and shop on Amazon....my phone couldn't even load Google Maps).  Every test the Tech suggested had already been run with no improvement, and the Tech couldn't offer any other solutions since he isn't literally allowed to say "we're throttling you to the point you can't use your phone"...instead the answer Verizon gave me "You're on an outdated plan, so you have [network management] enabled on your account".  Their suggestion: pay us more money and we'll [turn off network management], you know aka stop throttling you.

As of right now, I can't even use my phone from my own couch on a consistent basis.  If I'm not on Wi-Fi, you can almost forget about data.

As a compromise, I looked into their new plans and requested the "new customer pricing" - which is an increase over what I'm paying now - to prevent future service issues and to get me off of an "unmanaged plan".  Naturally, this was declined., but they'll still charge you Admin fees on a plan they don't support!

I have no incentive to change my plan, Verizon is trying to give me one through theft of service.

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No expectations that I'll see 5G in our location anytime soon.  But it frosts me to no end that the 4GLTE service has been degraded so much in so many places in town.  So when we decided to RV across the country, we took advantage of the over 55 plan that T-Mobile offers (which Verizon doesn't).  In over 12K miles between New England, Montana, and North Carolina I don't recall seeing 5G anywhere on Verizon near I-80 or I-90 or any other interstate - certainly not at any campgrounds.  Since VZ are still are primary phones, the number of dropped calls and calls that never rang through to the phone across the country was stunning.  These were medical, business, and personal calls which never showed up in the call logs but a voicemail was left.  We used the Verizon phones as a hotspot in one of 46 locations.  Had better data performance with their 3G phones.  Sad.