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5g speed

Recently I purchased an IPhone 13 Pro and I noticed that the data speeds are about the same as the 4g service I had with my IPhone 7. This is especially true during high traffic times. I don’t think that there are any mm bandwidth antennas near me so I think most of the signal I am getting is on the same frequency as the 4g signal. I know Verizon is in the process of adding more cell towers, so I’m wondering if the data speed should get faster in the future?

Re: 5g speed

Most of the 5G you're seeing right now is shared with 4G Bandwidth, over the same wireless spectrum. There isn't a speed gain with "DSS" 5G as they call it, until more people start getting 5G phones. When a tower reaches a magic number of phones that are 5G capable connected to it, that's when capacity gains start to appear, and at that point it's up to whether the tower has the Fiber backhaul to handle those gains.

There will be more improvements coming, as the towers are upgraded, and as modem / chipsets in phones improve.