Bad Coverage

I see many posts regarding this same subject.  I think it's criminal that a multi-billion dollar company, that now holds most of us hostage with contracts, both for service and for paying hundreds of dollars for a device, is able to continue to advertise the coverage area map, yet for months there is very little service.  I have been a customer for 20+ years and yes Verizon used to be "the" service provider.  Now I travel in multiple cities nation wide and get bad service all the time.  Not indoors or out in the country, but multiple urban areas.  Myself and my husband can no longer make calls from our home unless using Wi-Fi and we live 2 miles fromToledo, OH.  It's crazy!!!  I spend over $200 per month for service that works about 70% of the time!  I think we should start getting a portion refunded when we can't use our devices as promised!

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