Buffer bloat on Verizon 5G

Has anyone figured out a solution to the terrible buffer bloat on Verizon 5G? I use CrashPlan for offsite backups anytime it's running a backup my connection becomes virtually unusable. The same happens if I have any device say, uploading to YouTube or anywhere else. The response time increases to the 5,000-8,000ms range. I've been able to temporarily solve it through my Ubiquiti USG using Smart Queues but that's not a perfect solution and limits my total throughput to ~120mbps.

Generally a buffer bloat issue this bad is due to configuration issues in the ISP provided router/uplink device but since the management portal on the 5G CPE is blocked, I can't access it to try any changes.

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Verizon Employee

mflotron, we definitely want to ensure that you're able to backup your information and upload to YouTube. Help is here. How does your 5G perform with Smart Queues disabled? Certain quality of service features may inadvertently affect your speeds. Have you been able to test your throughout before Smart Queues? Looking forward to hearing back.


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