Cannot make voice calls, told I am deprioritized
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The problem started at the time I upgraded my phone to a Pixel 4a.  I will suddenly be unable to make or receive phone calls, or texts.  It happens every once in a while, with no pattern as to place or time.  I've tried turning airplane mode on and off.  I've tried turning advanced calling on and off.  I've tried resetting the network settings.  I tried factory resetting my phone once too.  Nothing seems to help.  I called customer support and was told that my account plan is deprioritized and to make basic phone calls I need to upgrade my plan.  Is this correct?

Re: Cannot make voice calls, told I am deprioritized
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That makes absolutely zero definitely got an agent that was a new hire...(or a shady one hoping to con you with a plan upgrade because Verizon is pushing those)

The only thing that can be depriotized is data speed, not voice calls.