Deceitful Sales Rep
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Yesterday was my daughter's 13th birthday, she received an Apple watch but her old phone wouldn't pair with it. She's had a phone for over 2 years and is due for an upgrade (especially since we also needed to upgrade her line to 5G), so we headed to the Verizon store. I have another daughter as well and figured we would also shop for an upgrade for her. The sales rep was kind at first, and he wrote us up a quote for the phone and 5G plan. However, after examining it, I noticed he had both kids on the Do More plan, so I asked that it be switched to the 5G Start plan, he said no problem and said that he switched it. I also said I didn't want the device insurance (which was on the quote), which he said he will also remove. He also said that the only phone available for any promo for the kids was the iPhone 13 ($400 each phone) and that if we upgraded their lines, I'd be eligible for an iPad for only $5 a month (for the service line) plus ~8.50/month for the device payment. We also purchased all of the phone accessories there because he said they were running a promo, so we did. We signed everything and I asked for a print out of the receipt, he said everything will be emailed to me. When we got home, I looked at the receipt, and he has both kids' phones on the Do More plan, the device insurance for both phones, a $20 plan for the iPad with a $22/mo payment and the receipt didn't indicate any discount on the accessories. I called in to Verizon customer service because, of course, the store's phone line wasnt taking calls. She informed me that the kids would have been eligible for any Apple 5G phone, all of which would have been less per month than the 13. I'm upset, lost 3.5 hours of my daughter's birthday, she cried herself to sleep last night. I will be returning everything today, thankfully everything is unopened, but who knows how much additional time it will take to deal with this joker's shady business practices.