Degradation of service since June 2022

I and others I’ve spoken too have seen a severe degradation of network signal in Newport Beach. A store manager told me that he has seen a lot of people come in for this lately and believes a tower lease wasn’t renewed (apparently some of the most expensive towers in the nation are in Orange County).  I can’t get more than one bar inside my house (new Apple 13 phone and unlimited 5g plan haven’t helped) and am lucky to get two bars outside. 

Re: Degradation of service since June 2022
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I have the same question and cannot get ahold of anyone at Verizon to ask.   I'm in Northwest Ohio.    Everyone keeps telling to change providers.   Then when I call Verizon support I have to listen to stuff about Hoya health services for a long time and then can't reach anyone for help!  What the heck.