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I "upgraded" to "unlimited" data and now my texts messages routinely get deprioritized and have to be resent multiple times. I NEVER had this problem with my 2G plan. I sent a registered letter to the Correspondence Team, which they signed for on September 27 2021 , and have not heard a word.

Anyone have a solution?

Re: Deprioritization
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I stood in the supermarket for over 20 minutes trying to call my wife to get an answer on something she needed. The phone had the LTE symbol with an exclamation point. I could not call, could not text, had no data. Nothing worked at all. Then finally she received my call. This is on the 5G Start plan which up until that point had only used 2gb for the month. I am currently typing this on a computer because despite the exclamation point not being present, my data is completely unusable. It seems rather than add capacity to existing towers or adding towers, they've just shoved the 5G start plans into the "you don't get to use ANY data at all" bin.