Filing a Complaint of Terrible Customer Service
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-Usage of 5G Home internet

-Tried to apply for Verizon Visa

My family tried applying for Verizon Visa about 6 to 7 months ago. When we applied for the card, to get the auto payment discount, we called inquiring information about when the card would arrive. This was after a couple of weeks has passed. We were told that the card should be here and we should've received a letter and all we need to do was wait. We waited for 6 months, and we didn't receive info on where the card was, didn't receive info that our application was rejected. When I called them, they then told us, yeah your application was rejected. When we asked them why that was, they didn't actually tell us a reason why. They told us that it was rejected by the associate, with no reasoning. EVEN THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS PUZZLED ON WHY THIS WAS. They didn't know why we were rejected. I tried contacting them over and over again about this spending almost up to 7 hours of just trying to contact and talk to Verizon customer service to just be redirected over and over and to finding out that our application was rejected and we needed to file for a new application. After waiting for so long, we were not informed of anything. No email, no letter. Nothing. I then figured ok, at least can we get compensation, and they told us we would have to reapply and get auto pay to get that compensation. So I tried to reapply and on my account all it said was that my account wasn't eligible.  Days of trying to get this fully done, and still no resolution. 

5G Home internet 
Recently, my family applied for 5G Home Internet. I contacted the live chat to get that done and the person who got everything setup for me was super nice, gave us information on how to upgrade and everything. That went great! Great customer service to them! BUT when I actually received my device, my internet was running low speeds. I ran speed tests and the internet was very inconsistent. It would sometimes go to 14 mbps download and 11 upload and the 45 mbps download and 14 upload. Very Very slow speeds. To the point where when I go to test out the speeds, on for example downloading a game, it gave me 3 mbps and the highest I got was 8 mbps. I was like ok, maybe the servers for steam are just not very good right now. So I tried a game, I had 145 ping in the same server as I live in. When normally I get 3 to 30 ping with my original internet service provider.

For people who don't game, normally the range of your same server should be 1 to 30 and maybe 50. Further the server the, the larger the ping. For example 145 ping, should mean that I am in California playing EU servers.

Now, when I went to talk to the 5G Home internet tech support, because I filed a ticket with another tech support before, they sent me a resolution talking about my cellular internet which had nothing to do with my 5G Home Gateway. When I had brought that up, they told me that the ticket was correct and had nothing to do with my phone and when I copy and pasted everything that was written to me, they told me that it was generic email that was sent to trouble shoot. Which even then made no since, because it was telling me on how to improve my calls quality, which I'm 100% sure has nothing to do with a modem. They then asked me to do internet speed tests which was reasonable, so I did, and i got 65 mbps of download speeds and around 14 upload. (This was early in the morning) They told me that this was the range that I should be getting. Meanwhile, I remembered that when I talked to the other tech support from 5G home internet, they said I should be getting 80 mbps. Also during the time while testing my speeds, I tried to download a game and it was downloading in KILOBYTES NOT  EVEN MEGABYTES. When I brought all of this up to the IT, they just repeated the same thing over and over again, that this was the speed that I was promised that it's in range. Now, I compared this to my at&t wifi which was supposed to be way way way worse, and it gave me almost 20 more mbps and an upload of 20 mbps. When I told them that, they told me that what showed up on speed test is within range and that I am getting what was promised. Now, if I were getting what was promised, and the fast internet that was said to be receiving. I wouldn't be contacting ITS for a fix now would I? Continuously telling your customer that they are receiving what they bought when they aren't and not actually fixing the problem IS NOT HOW YOU HELP SOMEONE. That is how you make someone terribly mad, lose a paying customer, and just plain and flat out, shows that you're incompetent on fixing your own problem on your end to have to repeat what you are saying over and over. Like ah yes, you totally know the speeds I'm getting just because you did a test. It means nothing if the customer is not receiving it. It makes no sense to continuously insisting something upon a customer when it's not the case. Because ultimately the one using the internet would be the customer not the ITS. Like how would these customer service people feel when they have to wait about 5 hours for a 18 Gb download. IF they were in our customer's shoes, and getting treated the same way, I DOUBT they would just sit there and go about their day and say oh well.