Frustrated with Verizon
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Been a Verizon Wireless customer for 24 years. Last year we bought new galaxy 21 phones, We had no issues until 12 days ago.Both our phones started cutting out the sound of the person we are talking to. It is so bad the phones are not usable.
1st call to Verizon: Had us reset the network settings and try it. It did not help.
2nd call to Verizon: Had us do the same thing. then sent us a "REFURBISHED" phone. We had the same problem.
3rd call to Verizon: Had us reset the phones. Still had had the same problem.
4th call to Verizon: we went through 3 Verizon people and 1 Samsung person. Final conclusion after 1 hour and 30 minutes. Verizon is dropping there 4G network and since 5G is not available in my area the signal will continue to degrade until December when it will drop completely leaving us with out any service. The are now considering if they we are approved to get a Network Extender which will take several days just to see if we qualify.
So now we have to buy a land line so my disabled wife can make phone calls from the house.
Way to go Verizon, its almost unbelievable. They don't care about there customers unless they are upgrading or buying some new service. On our 4th call the 2nd Verizon person tried to sell us some additional warranty plan asking me 4 times why I don't want it. I had to get very upset and tell stop asking me, I already declined 3 times. I nerve of selling me a service when they can't even provide acceptable cell service to me.
We will give the a few days to fix the problem or have pay off our phones and change provider, That will include our cable as well.