Home 5G Internet Service and Support Problem

I guess I have the same problem as most people have had with the door to door salesman that sold me a 5G router. The rounter never worked with my printer. My printer is less than 2 years old but will only work with 2.5G rounters. I was acutally using my own router with Xfinity that had 2 speeds (inckuding 5G) I unplugged it the same day and put it in a box. It took me almost a month to return it after many attempts. Finally I got a retun Authoirizaton and off it went. Well now I am getting monthly bills for $75 and owe $140. Cannot get a live person to talk with me as they say I must bring my account currrent before they will talk. Thank goodness that I do not have my cell phone with these people.  I have no idea of how I am going to fix this before they try t trash my credit.

Re: Home 5G Internet Service and Support Problem
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I am only able to address your technical problems. First, I think you meant 2.4GHz and 5GHz as frequency bands. 2.4GHz is used by 802.11n standard, which is the wireless standard used by the majority of wireless printers and other IoTs. 5GHz is used by newer WiFi standards such as WiFi 5 and 6. The problem why the router wasn't able to connect the printer is that it may have the SON on, so the printer, a 2.4GHz client, is being incorrectly steered to 5GHz band. The solution is either to turn off the router's SON, so that the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands become two separate bands, or enable the IoT wireless SSID, dedicated for the IoTs.

Re: Home 5G Internet Service and Support Problem
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October 10, 2022 Verizon 5G Home Internet box was received & tested by a techie with 40+ years of skills. Here are the results:
1. Fastest download speed: LESS than 2Mbps
2. Moved device around a 2050sf home, no better results
3. Oct. 11, 2022 phoned 800-922-0204 to return device. Impossible to get anyone on the phone.
4. Did online chat. After 34 minutes, agent said I would receive a prepaid return shipping label BUT should also return the device to a Verizon Store. How do you return 1 item 2 different ways?
BOTTOM LINE: I'll likely waste more time trying to get rid of the 6" white paperweight.
P.S. I tested T-Mobile 5G Home box and it delivered 449Mbps of download speed.