IP Passthrough Mode Limiting Speed to 100Mbps - ARC-XCI55AX
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I am using an ARC-XCI55AX with IP Passthrough. My speeds are limited to 100Mbps - 120Mbps when IP passthrough is enabled. 

Confirmed that my cables are capable of gigabit speeds.

Confirmed that the ethernet ports on the 5g gateway are set to Auto. (Also tried with both ports forced to 1000Mbps Full Duplex, Same Result)

Tried connecting to another router with IP passthrough and speeds were exactly the same.

If I disable IP passthrough and use the WIFI and Ethernet Ports on the 5G gateway, Speeds are 300-350Mbps.

I am connecting to the 5G gateway to Google Wifi Router while in IP passthrough mode. This router previously handled 600+Mbps connection from comcast without any issues. nothing on the router would limit the speed coming from the 5G gateway.

Has anyone else experienced an issue like this?

Re: IP Passthrough Mode Limiting Speed to 100Mbps - ARC-XCI55AX
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That is definitely weird. IP passthrough should take less CPU usage than not passthrough, i.e. NAT'ed, you should in fact see an increase in speed if the router was the bottleneck before enabling the passthrough (this is unlikely).