IS Verizon the old TMOBILE/METRO PCS ?? Drop calls, data buffering, No Service randomly
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I have been with Verizon from 2008-2017. Left to TMOBILE 2017-2019 ( bc Verizon was too expensive and there were no deals for existing customers - TMOBILE service didn't compare to Verizon). So I Came back to Verizon 2019 and am still here. 

As of lately, I think it’s been about a good two months and a half that I have experienced random dropped calls, data buffering /lagging, and Network no service / SOS. At first, I thought I had gotten a virus on my phone but when I talk to other Verizon customers (bf, friends, fam) they are experiencing the same issue.

I have reset my phone to factory settings, and reset the network multiple times, and still doesn't fix the prob. Just 30 mins ago I was streaming youtube and my cell service went from 5g to SOS. This is beyond frustrating. 

Seriously considering switching to TMOBILE again. But this time it isn't for the $$, it's simply the reliability of having a working phone. I remember the time Verizon was on the top and me saying to my friends "oh you don't have service? must have TMOBILE." I feel like it's reversed 100% now.



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