Is Anyone Getting 5G NON-UW Connection?
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If you look at Verizon's current coverage map, it shows 5G is available in most areas across the country.  This is their 5G (low/mid-band) network, not their millimeter "Ultra Wide" 5G network. The UW Network appears to be very limited in a handful of cities as the frequency requires the signal tower to be very close and does not easily pass through walls.

Verizon recently told me the Samsung S20 series current is not enabled to connect to the "Nationwide 5G" network, only the 5G "Ultra Wide Network".  I can confirm this as in many areas that shows 5G on the map, my S20+ shows an LTE+ connection also called "Advanced LTE"  It's not a huge deal as essentially the network speed is supposedly not that much different than the "5G" nationwide which uses some of the same frequencies as 4G combined with Dynamic Signal Sharing (DSS). 

What I'm curious about is are any Verizon customers with 5G capable phones seeing a 5G indicator that is NOT the 5G UW indicator and thereby are only getting a 5G connection indicator when in cities with the 5G UW network?  Or is it just a matter that Verizon has not enabled 5G nationwide through a software update on this particular phone model?

If only the UW flavor of 5G is enabled on all the current 5G phones from Verizon, it seems to me this would create a bit of a customer service nightmare as you would have many people buying phones touted as 5G but most of the time they won't see a 5G connection indicator when they are outside the Ultrawide network yet instead a 5G area according to Verizon's coverage map.  So you'd be getting a bunch of inquiries as to why is my phone never showing 5G?



Re: Is Anyone Getting 5G NON-UW Connection?
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First of all Verizon Nationwide 5g is worse/slower than their 4G LTE.  Don't be in any hurry to get it.  Once you get it, you can't turn it off.  Do a search on this forum and others to confirm that Nationwide 5G currently is not any good.

If you are in an area that has Nationwide 5G your phone will say 5G at the top where it normally says 4G LTE.  - - Very, very few places in the Country offer the UW 5G.... Bottom line is the Verizon 5G hype appears to be just that...sales hype!!! It might be better in a year or two, but as of now, it's not!

Re: Is Anyone Getting 5G NON-UW Connection?
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I have a 5G Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. I recently installed the November 2020 software update which enabled 5G DSS. I tested the speed before and after installation. The 5G network symbol started appearing.   

The speed improved significantly after the install from speed test results. Was getting cruddy 10 mbps/19 mbps upload. After update, got 60+ mbps/30+ mbps upload.

Now, last 2 days, there's been a huge discrepancy with 5G speeds and what was tested 11 days ago post software installation. I normally am on wifi at home and don't see how slow mobile data is until I turn off wifi. It is extremely terrible. 

5G download of 3.67 mbps and 4.21 mbps. Social media customer care isn't understanding how unacceptable this data performance is. I'm wasting my time. What's going on!