Mobile + Home bait & switch

I signed up with Verizon Wireless 5G Unlimited plan on 6/21/22 as an Account Owner & Manager.

I signed up for 300 Mbps Verizon Fios internet service on 6/25/22 on the Verizon Fios website using the promotional link to receive a $25 per month "Mobile + Home Discount" when having a pre-existing 5G Unlimited Wireless plan and when using Paperless Billing & AutoPay.    I went through the sign-up process on the website being helped along by a chat representative who assured me that I would receive the monthly "Mobile + Home" discount AFTER activating my Fios service and going through certain steps on the My Verizon App.    

I activated Fios on 7/1/22.    As of today, 7/16/22, I have not been able to enroll in the Mobile + Home Discount and I was already charged the full $49.99 amount for the first month.  

The "Mobile + Home Discount" does not appear in "Verizon UP" on the My Verizon App.   There is nothing that I can click on or tap to receive the discount because it is NOT THERE.

I already spent a few hours on the phone with Verizon being passed from department to department and getting nowhere.  I was told by every rep that I am eligible for this discount but the representatives do not seem to have the authority to enroll me in the discount themselves.  It sounds like it absolutely MUST go through their app, or nothing can be done.   So amazing.  

I called the Rewards Department, and the rep told me it is not a "Rewards" issue.   She transferred me to the Fios Department.   

The Fios Department rep did a remote support where she was able to view my MyVerizon App on my phone screen (iPhone X) and confirm that I was not seeing the discount offered thru the app.   Then the Fios Department rep told me it was an issue with Verizon Wireless, so I got transferred to the Wireless Dept.   

I spoke with the Verizon Wireless rep "Erica" on 7/5/22.   Erica told me she'd create a ticket and I should wait 48-72 hours for the discount to appear on my app.  She said she would call me back in 72 hours.   72 hours later, the discount did not appear and I did not receive a phone call from anyone at Verizon.   

On 7/8/22, I called the Verizon Wireless Dept. back and got a different rep.   Rochelle or something.  It was difficult to hear her name.   She put me on hold while she contacted Tech Support and when she came back on the line with me, she told me that Tech Support told her it was not a Tech Support issue.    Of course not.

She put in a new ticket because nothing had been done on the previous ticket.   She told me she'd call me the next day.   I actually received a call back from her the next day on 7/9/22.  (shocking).  She told me that I'd receive an email in 5 business days with a button I could click on to enroll in the discount.  

7 days & 5 business days has passed and I received no email from Verizon.   Now the ticket is likely closed and if I wanted to continue this charade, I would have to start from Square 1 and waste more countless hours of my life getting nowhere. 

I will be cancelling my Fios service since I had signed up for it due to the discounted price I was going to be receiving on home internet that I am not actually receiving because Verizon can't get their ---- together.   

When a company gives all power and authority to a computer or an app, and there is a glitch that no human can seem to fix or circumvent, there is a problem much bigger than the glitch.   





Re: Mobile + Home bait & switch

Did you see this page ? I was able to enroll with both phone and fios already installed and got $10 off per line.  I could not get the $25 off fios since I had already installed. .

Re: Mobile + Home bait & switch

I’m having the same issue.  Agents are clueless.  Spent a month a half dealing with this and have gotten no where.  Tried the savings and promotions website and it tells me there was an error to try again.  Nothing works.