My whole neighborhood have poor signal


I live in College Park, MD near University of Maryland. 

My whole neighborhood has really poor verizon signal. 

at my home Im 100% rely on wifi. so use wifi calling to call someone. 

so, whenever there are thunderstorm or something like that and outage, 

I cannot access internet cuz wifi is not working and there is no signal. 

I've been here for 3 years so far and signal was always bad one or two bar of LTE. 

but I felt like ever since verizon launch 5G its getting even poorer so none or one bar. 

When I was nagging about bad signal one of the representative told me that verizon keep working on 5G, but that was already one year ago. 

I think Verizon should install some antenna or something around this area. 

not only for me, but for verizon as well. 

most of the residents in here are students who just live away from their parents. 

And living in here with such a poor signal will give bad impression about verizon to many of them. 

I actually saw many people who used to use verizon under their parents account but port out to tmorble or att because of bad signal. 

Is there any plan to give 5g signal in this area? 

by the where my town is called callege park woods.