Need a return shipping label for 5G home wifi router
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The 5G home wifi router (big white cube/brick) was sent to my house. The service doesn't work at my house/no 5G signal from the towers at my house. Support was not able to fix it and left me hanging for 3 weeks twiddling my thumbs. The 30 day mark is coming up soon and I need to get this device back to Verizon. I know they will try and charge me for "service" if it goes past 30 days, even though it's impossible to get any service in my area. I don't want to risk it and wait to find out, I just want to send it back. Support reps have been no help, suggesting I take the device to a Verizon store - I tried that and the people there laughed at me and wouldn't let me leave the device with them. They said the contracts and deals Verizon sells consumers online is different and separate from their store and their inventory and they refuse to take the device or be of any help. I just want this thing gone and back to the company. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD send me a shipping label. I don't want to, but if I need to I will schedule the USPS pickup and have the darn thing recycled

Re: Need a return shipping label for 5G home wifi router
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One thing to keep in mind about Verizon stores is that there are two classes afaik: Verizon-owned and franchises. The latter probably can't take the box back but the former might be able to. I picked up my cube from a Verizon-owned/corporate store after a mess-up with the shipping so hopefully they can help you - try asking Verizon CS if they can locate a corporate Verizon store for you.

Re: Need a return shipping label for 5G home wifi router
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