Network is Terrible in Every Location we use
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I work in downtown Columbus OH.  I live in one suburb and my son and his wife live in a different suburb.  All locations are well within the 5G UW coverage zones.  Our service is absolutely terrible.

Walking around downtown Columbus OH, my calls dropped 3 times in 5 minutes.  I was unable to stream audio.  The coverage is just as bad in our neighborhoods and homes.  When we fall from 5G UW to just 5G, download speeds are consistently between 1-7 Mbps, with upload speeds around 0.1.  When we do manage to be on the 5G UW network, 25 Mbps is typical, but I've been able get speeds as high as 75.  

We are NEVER on 5G UW when indoors.  NEVER.  It NEVER happens.

I transferred my service from Mint where I was consistently getting 200 Mbps from my basement.  Data speeds were never a concern, and I'm regretting my decision to change providers.  

Support has been non-existent of course.  I'm 48 hours overdue for a callback on this issue.  

Re: Network is Terrible in Every Location we use
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This is the last type of experience we want for you, our goal is to ensure that you are getting the best out of the network, and are following up with you in a timely fashion.


For network support, it is recommended that you connect with us in real time at one of our support options here: We look forward to connecting and helping get to the bottom of this!