Network service horrible

I live In a suburb of Cincinnati with a visible cell tower about 1/4 mile from my house. Over the past 3 months our cell calls drop or cut out constantly. It’s impossible to make any calls. Cell service also same in entire neighborhood when I’m driving. I’ve been on troubleshooting more than once a month  and today the customer service did multiple resets etc and was supposed to call back  a 3rd time after powering off but she never did.  So again no resolve. At this point I hear most experiencing this issue that they are switching to AT&T bc Verizon is aware of issue and not fixing it. I’ve been w Verizon 20+ years. Very sad. We have 6 lines and all experience same thing. We all have upgraded to iPhone 14 thinking it was a phone issue but wasn’t the phone. It’s the network.

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Customer Service Rep

Hi Wilk2, we truly appreciate your tenure with us and are sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your cellular service. So we can catch up on your troubleshooting and gather more details we'll be sending a Private Note.