New to Verizon 20 plus at att

I new to verizon signed up with the deals for new IPhone and IPad mini moved my three numbers over.Made very clear I have always had best plan can get to have there best.They say this is ours I sign up two years now this was said to be best for 5G Serivce that new iPhone 13 pro and iPad mini 5G I bought with my 2 year deal.I get email switch to or new 5G all free and easy go to do this and there is a price increase to receive there best fast Serivce.Already paying 200 aa month was told this was best they had for devices I purchased couple months this 5G comes and they want more,this means I was not told correct I will not have what I was told and not happy about it.Every one that did same as I did I am sure feels the same way also already I am paying enough they should honor what I was sold.I know the billions they paid for this band and was big part of me changing from 20plus years of att but again was told price I signed up for was for the best now its not.