No calls with international travel plan
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I am traveling outside the US and paid for an international plan.   For over a week since I arrived in the Caribbean all incoming calls go straight to voice mail.    I have tried multiple chats (at least 10 hours) and multiple calls to the number I was given for International Support;  908-559-4899. ( again at least another 10 hours) I've been routed to regular customer support and had to spend many more hours trying to get elevated to International Support.  Once, a tier 2 support agent tried to get me connected with International support and told me they would not take the call. So far the problem is not better, but worse.  Now I cannot get texts either.  

Two times I was able to get to an international support person who said they could fix it.  I had to restart the phone, which ends the call.  Both times I explained that every time this happens the call is lost and I have to start all over again.   They  took a second mobile phone number from a friend  and promised to call if  the problem was not solved and they could not get through and neither one did that.   My friend has T-Mobil and his phone is working perfectly here in the Caribbean.

I am thinking the only way I can get international calls is to cancel Verizon and get my mobile coverage another way.  

Has anyone found a way to get Verizon Support to follow through and solve a problem like this?