Online Purchase of 5G SIM Card
Enthusiast - Level 1

The Verizon FAQ's are terrible. I want to buy a 5G SIM card for my unlocked phone as I have upgraded from a Pixel 2 to a Pixel 5.  I click on the link provided to purchase a SIM card and it asks what device it's for and I select my Pixel 5.  Then it takes me to the section to buy a new phone and there is no option simply to buy a 5G SIM.  Either it's a scam or Verizon needs to hire someone better to design their website.  How do I buy a 5G SIM card online from Verizon?  It shouldn't be this hard.  Maybe it's time to switch to AT&T or another carrier.  This is ridiculous.  I've tried calling and have been on hold for ages.  Verizon used to have good customer service but now it's terrible.  Google FI is looking pretty good right now.