Overcharged for Disney+

Dear Community and Verizon Customer service,

How do I write a formal complaint to Verizon Wireless?  I am and intend to continue to be a loyal customer to Verizon's--I am satisfied with their pricing, their selection, their perks, and the possibility of future home internet if they ever get it in my area (hint hint Verizon), but I have a concern that doesn't seem to be resolvable by normal means. 

Starting around the end of Summer, I switched up to the latest and greatest Verizon plan.  With this plan, I was supposed to get the Disney Bundle for free.  Instead, ever since my last plan upgrade, we have had a 13.99 charge on our account for just Disney plus.  I have made multiple calls; each time I am told a ticket is submitted, but the bill stays the same. 

The customer service team gives us inconsistent directions:

At times they inform us that this is a Disney account, and that we need to cancel it through them--After multiple calls to Disney+ they have made it clear that this is not an issue they can resolve.  

At times they tell us we need to cancel our subscription through Verizon...but when we try to go to the website they suggest we cancel at, Verizon shows that we do not have any subscription to Disney+ on any of our lines. 

I logged out of my Disney + account for a period of 4 months, and then I logged in to see if the account was even still active...and then the representative used this to show that "I approved the use" of the service.  


The point is...at least 1 line on our family pays for the service that should allow that line access to the Disney bundle for free.  yet we keep getting charged for it.  Can anyone help me get this taken care of?  

I've spent literal workdays on hold with customer service, and yet every month that 13.99 charge is still on our bill.  We've been reimbursed for SOME of the charges, but not all.  And  I would appreciate if someone could help us.  

We are and intend to continue to be loyal customers to Verizon, and we trust that this company will honestly look at our situation and help us.