Plan Errors
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I have 11 lines with Verizon, last Winter I upgraded to the Samsung S21 Ultra and have had nothing but problems with it. Support seemed to think it was due tot he fact that I was using it on a legacy 4g plan. So I was convinced to upgrade my line. I took the opportunity to upgrade all of the lines for all of my 5g devices in spite of the fact that 5g isn't available in my area yet. AS time goes by nothing improves. I contact support only to find out that all of my old 4g phones/lines are the ons that were moved and all of the 5G devices are still on the legacy plan. So my options are musical chairs with all of our telephones/lines or eat the additional cost of moving everyone over to 5g plans raising an already expensive bill by $100 at the very least, all while getting less "unlimited data". 


We may have come to the end of the road, Verizon.