Poor Network/Poor Coverage
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Hi everyone. I have seen a lot of posts here about reporting poor network coverage to Verizon. I have a business line through my employer and they pay for the line. I reported my issues to Verizon and they suggested I switch to an e-sim card. Since I had my iphone 13 for over a year and was eligible for an upgrade, I purchased the 15 which has the e-sim. However nothing has changed. If I am at home on my wifi, the phone works great. Outside of my front door, calls drop, I can't play videos or music, use any apps, send texts etc. It is supremely frustrating. I called back and they escalated me to a Tier 2 response team and gave me a ticket number. I hadn't heard anything so I called today to check on the status of my ticket and was told it was closed and their review showed my area has a poor/fair signal rating. I live in south Florida so it is not like I am in the sticks or something so I don't understand why I would have a poor signal here. But their solution was that I get a signal booster and/or network extender and that this would need to be approved by my employer as this is a corporate account. I contacted my IT department and they said no go as these are extremely expensive. So now what? I reported the issue and Verizon has acknowledged it exists but their solution is that I buy pricy extenders instead of fixing it? Am I really to understand this is my only option?

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Why not ask your employer if they can port the line to another carrier?

There are quite a few causes for poor signal strength, but if you're curious about such information, Google "find cell towers near me" and the first hit which comes up is a crowd-sourced site, albeit somewhat confusing to use.  You can use it to find out how well all the carriers' signals are along with the locations of at least some of the towers in your neighborhood.

I'm not a Verizon employee, just another customer trying to help.