Poor Service in Castro, San Francisco (94114)
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Usable cell service is still non-existent in much of area code 94114 (Castro in San Francisco, CA). We still don't really even have C-Band in many areas of the Castro. One would expect we'd actually have mmWave here as many areas of the neighborhood are dense and have a lot of traffic. Also, we only have Comcast (super old cabling too) or AT&T DSL (who would even subscribe to this at $55/mo for 5Mbps) -- so mmWave would allow them to get a lot of new 5G Home customers on board here. 

It seems like this has been an issue for many years, but Verizon just doesn't want to fix it. They have a new "network feedback" area of the My Verizon app, I tried that and it says "There is a known service issue in your area that we're working hard to fix." but it's been this way for years.... Posts that go back to 2014. 

I've used an iPhone 14 Pro, so it's the latest device and still can't get reliable service here. 

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We're sorry to hear about your service issues. We want to make sure you're able to get the reliable service you need. We're going to send you a Private Note so we can gather more details.