Promotional Discount Issue

After visiting a local store, we decided to order two Pixel 6's as new Verizon customers coming from Tmobile.

We were told we would get them for free as a promotional discount going on.

After using the Pixel 6, wife decides she does not like it, and so we put the sim in her old unlocked Samsung Note.

I contacted Verizon to make sure this was not an issue in affecting our monthly promotional discounts. One rep said yes, one said no. Local store said this shouldn't matter.

Can anyone harmonize here? Information I found on this forum said we will not lose credits, but I am hearing conflicting information from the source. Nothing in this link states I must keep the Pixel 6 activated to maintain the credit, but I want to be sure. Heck, if ever swap phones for travel, would that matter? The in store rep made it seem like I would be fine.

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