Sales Rep Straight lied to us about Verizon Home internet
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Hello, our local sales rep got us duped into trying out the Verizon Home internet 5G. He claimed that while our area is not a 5G service are as of now, we would still benefit from "blazing fast speeds, ability to do heavy streaming, and up to 3 gamers playing at once".



Well that was not factual at all. My connection with this device was constantly slow, I was in a consistent state of buffering when trying to stream Netflix, YouTube, or hulu, etc. And that was just on one device connected to the network at the time. I bet if I had everything connected, it wouldn't  have done anything at all.


I connected back to my internet router through my current service provider and speeds were crisp and fast, there was zero buffering, and multiple devices could stream/game on it NO problem.


I ran speed tests through 3 different vendors with each device, and my current home internet provider was AT LEAST 4 times faster most od the time. I was getting about 53 Mbps download and up to 35 Mbps upload speeds with my current provider.


Running those same three tests on Verizon's home internet router, the most download speed I got was 12 Mbps and the most upload speed I got was 2.81 Mbps.



They sell you on the idea that its $25 month when you bundle it with your mobile account, with savings up to $60 dollars compared to other internet providers. However, what they don't tell you is the speeds fall FAR short of the purported claims, and if you are not in a 5G network, it's almost dial-up slow.


We will be returning the device and demanding they take the service off the account since it was so pitifully performing.