Service has gotten increasingly worse

Can anyone tell me why Verizon cell service has gotten increasingly worse over the past year!! It gets worse by the day it seems!!!! I can’t take it anymore, 5G, LTE, it doesn’t matter, it’s HORRIBLE!!! I can’t even load a simple picture on Facebook anymore and don’t even get me started on any other apps!!! I can’t even use my iPad that I paid who knows how much for when it was all said and done!!! 25+ year customer with Verizon, and I can finally say IM DONE!!! I’m looking for another carrier that DOESNT charge 180+ a month for service that doesn’t even work anymore!!! And I travel all over for work and am frequently in the DC metro area and it’s HORRIBLE there too!! In one of the biggest cities in the country!! I don’t know what Verizon did, but a simple google search shows I’m not the only one!! Well enjoy losing customers by the droves, because my frustration has finally came to a head and I’ve had enough!! I’ll be paying my device off and I’ll be switching as fast as I possibly can!!! No excuse for this as much as I pay and as long as I’ve paid it!! 

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Customer Service Rep

ShawnC1220, we want you to be getting the value of what you're paying for and we do love you've been with us these two decades. We can definitely troubleshoot and look at the service issues you've been having. I've sent a Private Note, so we can get started.