Set up LAN with internet gateway ask-ncq1338
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I just set up my internet gateway ask-ncq1338 today using wireless and wired connections without issue. But how do I set up a LAN so that my computers can see each other, i.e. view and move files, etc. Currently I have Computer A connected to Ethernet port A and Computer B connect to Ethernet port B but they cannot see each other.

According to Netgear, file sharing should be a standard feature for an internet gateway.

Or do I need to buy a router again? Verizon support was absolutely totally useless.

Re: Set up LAN with internet gateway ask-ncq1338

Looks like Verizon support remains to be useless since you asked this question in SEP 2021 and have received no response.

I set up my ASK-NCQ1338 a couple weeks ago and I am very happy.

In a nutshell, the ASK-NCQ1338 serves as my modem. I turned off all Wi-Fi on the ASK-NCQ1338 and plugged my existing Netgear R7000 into ethernet port 1. My entire network (wired and wireless) runs through the R7000, and all devices are seen on my network.

I've had zero issues for the last couple weeks. I consistently get 300 down/30 up on all devices. I tested my network hard (3 TVs streaming 4k, 1 computer actively pulling data via SQL Server over a VPN connection, and 3 phones streaming HD music; all at the same time) and the network showed no latency or lag. Solid!!

I canceled my Internet 1000 - AT&T Fiber and now I pay $25/mo for internet instead of $95/mo.

Note: We are not a gaming household, so this setup works for us. If we were gamers, I would have stayed with AT&T because that service was consistently 930 down and up.