Setup ASK-NCQ1338FA with TP-Link ER605 multi-wan load balancer

I had a cable modem plugged into the TP-Link ER605 load balancer and my Netgear RAXE450- router, and all is well. I tried to port in the ASK-NCQ1338FA on WAN 2, but can't get it to work. From my understanding, I need the ASK-NCQ1338FA in bridge mode and tried the steps in another post, but didn't get far. I've been struggling with this for a few days now. Overall, I removed the other modem to get this working before adding a WAN 2 modem to the load balancer.

I currently have this setup:

ASK-NCQ1338FA (Gateway) ==>  TP-Link ER605 (Load Balancer) ==> Netgear RAXE450 (Router)

Any detailed help here would be much appreciated. 




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