Short support wait times, but extremely shoddy support

So I was pleasantly surprised to find a real person when I called to ask why my new house, in the middle of Santa Barbara, had no cell coverage. After the usual tedium of reboot phone, upgrade phone, reset network settings, etc, they opened a ticket to have engineers investigate, and scheduled a call back at a specific time a few days later.

Which they did not do - no call back.

So I contacted support again, and said "Whats up with case XXX?" And then they said reboot phone, reset network, etc, etc. Then asked if I'd reported the issue before - when the whole case was about the status of my open ticket!!  

They then said they could offer me LTE home internet for $25 a month - which would be impressive, given there is zero, sometimes 1, bars of service here...

Then asked me if I'd done any troubleshooting (somehow forgetting the first 40 minutes of the call? Or the open case?) 

Then they disconnected me.

So... Verizon, kudos on the accessibility of agents. But it does no good if they don't even pretend to be trying to help the issue.