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Throttling 5GUW

So I'm trying to understand Verizon......I have the S21 Ultra and have your most expensive unlimited plan! I'm maxed out lol. You explain that when we are in 5GUW coverage we can stream 4k unlimited on the higher unlimited plans.....Why when I test this on you tube that your throttling the heck out of it LOL..... Seriously you advertise one way and do the opposite! If it's higher then 1080p you throttle me on 5GUW...... Better yet!!! over 1080p 5GUW will switch back to 4g then when I leave the video then it goes back to 5GUW...... SERIOUSLY???? Guess what?? When I switch my VPN on guess what happened!  All the throttling goes away lol.....So much for 5GUW Being fun to use! pfffff.......