Throttling and Customer Service

Verizon's 5g is unusable through large portions of the day. 5 bars on the 5gUW and I'm often unable to load 360p videos. I've been dealing with this issue for a few months and assumed it was growing pains of the 5g transition, so didn't have too much of an issue.

I called customer service to ask if it was a Verizon thing or if I'm just outside of coverage and there was no real attempt at help. The CSR told me there shouldn't be an issue, had me restart my phone, then asked me if I wanted to buy Verizon's home internet service. 

I decided to try again with the live chat and was given a "tech support" number that was disconnected.

I just wanted any information on what the issue could've been. Instead, customer service keeps telling me "nothing's wrong," giving minimal information, and redirecting me to support that is no longer in service. 

I wouldn't care if there was an issue that would be resolved eventually, but repeatedly telling me nothing's wrong is a bad sign for verizon's 5G development. Looking for other providers feels like the only option now.

Re: Throttling and Customer Service
Customer Service Rep

Hi! We understand how important it is to have reliable service. The Social Media team is available 24/7, and happy to help in any way we can. We would love to assist with your service issues. Send us a Private Message to get started.