Trade in credit issue
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I have been having Significant issues with a trade-in credit that was promised to me in January 2021 when I traded in an iPhone for a new purchase. The trade in value was $450, of which I have yet to receive anything. The phone was mailed with the provided box within a few days after the purchase. After hearing no response from Verizon, I called numerous times and they confirmed they had received the phone but it was processed. The next month, a new person slowly found the information and that the good condition phone was received, but they credit wasn’t applied. I was told to wait another 1-2 credit cycles for it to show up. I called back in June, similar issue, no credit seen yet, the Verizon employee promised they would get it fixed after escalating the issue several times (said it would show up within the week). Again nothing. Called back July 27th. Escalated again. They said they fixed the issue and promised a $300 credit that day, and next bill would be 20.97 per month. Sadly my bill is still over $41.66 monthly just for the phone. Waited 30 minutes on the phone today with no answer. So… essentially this feels like a total marketing scam and nobody is following through to fix the problem. Others have had to go through BBB to get this solved per this forum, is this really the customer service we’re left with now?? 

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I've had the same problem. Verizon ran a promotion in December 2021, promoting, even if your phone is slightly cracked you will receive the credit.  After I sent in all my information and being honest about how my phone worked and indicated my screen was cracked they said I would receive a credit of over $500 when I sent my phone in. BUT, After they received my phone, they only credited my account only $42!! I've been having a hard time reaching anyone, they will not credit my account the amount promised, and they also overcharge me every billing cycle.

Good thing I took a video and pictures of my phone before I sent it in.

It seems like I may have no other recourse than to report this to the FCC. Verizon conducts many marketing scams and, some employees that work on commission only care more about money they make and can take from consumers via commission. They charged me a $10 fee because my bill indicated that a representative "assisted me to make up payment" and that is absolutely not true! so now I have to spend a few hours on the phone to try to have it taken off my bill.

My time is valuable also! Every billing cycle I'm up-charged anywhere from $10 to $50 on some type of fee. everyone needs to pay attention to their monthly bills.