Unlimited Data Plan Feedback
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I recently switched to an unlimited plan from a 2 GB plan. My choices were Play More, Do More, and Start.

I stream everything at my house over my cable connection, which means I have a subscription to Hulu Live TV. As of this year, the Disney Bundle is included automatically, so Play More is redundant.

Fine, how about Do More? It only helps if I use Verizon exclusively for data storage? What about the other features? Oh, I’ll need to add another device and it’ll be discounted, so my monthly bill only goes up $35. No thanks, I always have my phone with me, so I’ll always be able to use personal hotspot to pick up the slack.

What about Start? No unwanted redundant (and expensive at an extra $120 per year) features. Perfect, right? Hang on, where’d my personal hotspot go? Why’s my 5G data so slow? Oh, I see, Start puts me at the bottom of Verizon’s priority list if the network gets congested at all, AND no personal hotspot.

I know this all sounds a bit sarcastic, but I’m being serious when I write Verizon doesn’t seem to have any plans that work for me. What happened to JUST good data? Honestly, I don’t want any of the extra streaming, and I definitely don’t want to add another line. All I want is enough premium data to get me through the month and the ability to put up a network in an emergency.

Is that really too much to ask?

Re: Unlimited Data Plan Feedback
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I’ve been reading through the the Unlimited plan options and had exactly the same reaction as you! You articulated it very well.