Unprofessional customer service leads to incomplete account setup
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(Another frustration with this is that my post even got failed to post after writing a long one, without any saved draft).

My situation: I was using a line associated with my business account, and I planned to port over to my wife's individual account. I planned to bring my own device to leverage the recent promotion of $500 for eligible devices.

I confirmed with many representatives that I'm eligible for the $500 rebate with my situation, so I bought a new iPhone prior to the call with a representative. The representative seemed new and needed a lot of back/forth. I called with the same number that I planned to transfer to individual account. Everything was fine until the phone was cut off potentially because I'm using the line that's ported over. So I lost connection on my phone and had to type to another rep. to restore my connection. But due to this situation, after restarting my phone, despite that it's able to connect to services now, my account was in a half-done setup: I have a newly created individual account instead of joint account with my wife, which means both of us will have to pay for the individual plan separately instead of joint fees for 12 months that's hundreds of dollars of money. And the second day I called, the rep said that I might not be even eligible for the $500 rebate which makes the whole thing of setting up this plan invalid.

I'm really frustrated with this situation, and am seriously considering whether I should still stay at Verizon. This is frustrating because it wasn't consumer's fault but a mistake made by Verizon. I wonder what Verizon would do to restore the consumer's trust here!